Top 8 Best Online Freelance Work Ideas – Proven Methods

by | 20 December 2020

Do you want to have a side income that is proven to be lucrative and fun? Hear out these eight best freelance work ideas. These gigs are very fun and rewarding, although some of them can be challenging. 

Despite that, having some options to be working within the comforts of your own home remains unparalleled and fulfilling. These eight are also considered among the best as they are not only short gigs, but they have the potential to carry you through long-term. 

You can keep continuing extending your skills in these areas and support you with your expenses, such as paying the bill. Either you are looking for a side gig to supplement your income or want to get a job to support you full-time, these are what you are looking for. 

1. Web Development

Let’s be realistic here; Web development requires a specialized skill that not everybody has right away. So, it’s either for someone who already possesses the skill for this or someone determined to learn about it. 

Well, if you don’t have any skills in web development yet, we’re glad to let you know that you can learn it. Online courses in this area have become ubiquitous, which you can get for free or pay to get the certificate. With all the resources available out there – and if you have time – you can learn the skills within six months. After that, you can start creating your portfolios and apply through freelance websites. 

2. Freelance Graphic Designer 

This one, too, requires a specialized skill. But if you don’t know where to start, don’t be discouraged. With the great technology coming in, there are now apps available for you to explore and learn to get your hands on graphic design. These apps make it easy to get a job done. They are designed for practicality. You don’t have to be too technical and bear the complexity that used to be associated with graphic design. With the new apps available to aid you, you will only need a good eye to create something stunning. 

3. Content Writer Freelance 

This is a really good gig, especially if you love to talk and are naturally curious. Online content is just becoming stronger and more in-demand. With decent grammar and clear thought, you can get a job as a freelance writer. You don’t necessarily need to have the best vocabulary. If you can organize your thought, it should not be difficult to become a writer online. It’s a fun side job as it allows you to practice your communication skills as well and demands you to constantly learn. 

4. Virtual Assitant 

Virtual Assistant is a broad term. But the very basic idea that lies under it is, here, you become an assistant of someone virtually. The task may vary depending on the demand of your boss. It can be writing content, designing, or scheduling. You simply follow what your boss asks you to do. Commonly, this doesn’t fall on a flexible time. So, you’ll have to work the same schedule that your boss does. This job is fairly everywhere. If you have the patience, this should be financially rewarding. 

5. Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialist is another lucrative job that you can explore. The challenges and rewards that it comes with are very fulfilling as it can pay well. For this role, your job is to make sure that you maintain the brand’s presence. You will be in charge of making sure that it’s always relevant and exciting. You will also be responsible for having a wider audience and continuously reaching out to your prospects to make sure your brand gets as much visibility as it could. 

6. Dropshipping Business

This one is very exciting as it is essentially running your own business. You decide what you want to sell, talk about it, and take care of your customers. If the customers purchase, all that you will have to do is process their orders. All the legwork will be done by your suppliers – from packaging to shipping. 

7. Social Media Manager 

You also do not need to have a specialized skill on this one. All that you need to do is stamina to be in the social media and creativity to make sure that there will be a post posted regularly. Your job role here is to make sure that the social media accounts are well-maintained. You will also have to interact with the audience at times if it needs to be. 

8. Online clothing store

If fashion is your thing, there’s no reason you won’t do well with this one. It’s essentially the boss of your own. There’s a potential to grow on this one, so it’s a great thing to deal with and start. 

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